The Production

Several years ago, I wrote a film script that took place at a circus in the 1930’s called Flora Plum. Jodie Foster was attached to direct and at various points Russell Crowe, Meryl Streep, Claire Danes, Octavia Spencer, Cherry Jones among others were going to be in it. To me, it’s about why human beings have the need to be noticed and special and most of all, be remembered. We were set to go 3 different times and 3 different times it fell apart. That’s when I was approached to turn it into a musical for the stage. I immediately liked the idea of a traditional musical but with visual, jaw-dropping, Cirque Du Soleil acts in it that are still character driven.

Steven Roger – Author

The Story

A much talked about character who’s life is told in both a musical theatre book and film screenplay.

On the death of her parents, Flora sets out to find her relatives that are part of a travelling circus. Soon she is performing, to the wonder of some, to the disdain of others. Soon she is fighting for her very survival while juggling with love interests, jealousy and deadly rivals.

What is exciting about this project is how easily it plays in both theatre and film. A rare combination. It is a gripping story told through beautifully crafted characters and imaginative settings.

A character delivered to us by the highly successful Hollywood writer Steven Rogers, writer of such films as PS I Love You, Hope Floats, Stepmom and Kate and Leopold to name but a few- his movies have starred such actors as Julia Roberts, Hugh Jackman, Sandra Bullock, Susan Sarandon, Harry Connick Jnr, Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler