Ceri Dupree has an approximate set-up time of 3 hours.


SilverBlue Entertainment are proud to present Britain’s foremost Female Impersonator Ceri Dupree in a sensational evening of visual comedy, impressions, music and 1000’s of pounds worth of jaw dropping costumes. Once described as “Joe Longthorne meets Lily Savage…. only with better legs!!” Ceri delivers his unique comic twist to many of the greats from stage and screen, from modern day megastars to the Hollywood greats of yesteryear. Amazing costumes, pinpoint parodies and a gag a minute show paying ‘tongue in cheek’ reverence to some of Ceri’s favourite women.

Ceri Dupree is certainly more than a comic in a frock, his singing, dancing, acting, impersonation and stand-up comedy display a talent that blasts the notion of dressing up in drag clean off the stage. His shows are elegant, professional and extremely funny, as a reviewer once said… “The frocks are fabulous, the wigs wonderful, the voice versatility itself, Ceri Dupree illuminates people rather than merely impersonating them, walking a fine line between character and caricature, never being anything less than hugely funny with sharp wit, human perception and high energy!!!”


‘A consummate showman, Dupree belongs in the West end or Vegas soon!!’

Brighton Argus

‘Ceri Dupree is a grand dame of the scene, up there with the likes of Lily Savage and Danny La Rue.’


‘His turn as Camilla Parker Bowles has to be seen to be believed!!’

Cape Times

‘Slick and saucy, rude and risqué, fun and fantastic, its glamorous camp fun, but underneath the falsies is an accomplished character actor.’

Leicester Mercury

‘Joe Longthorne meets Lily savage….only with better legs!’

Blackpool Argus

‘Dupree storms the stage with style, wit, glamour and a pace that leaves you amazed.’

Time Out

‘The frocks are fabulous,the wigs wonderfull,the voice versatility itself, to describe Dupree’s one man show as a drag act would be an insult!’

South Wales Post

‘A devilishly talented performer, he pulls off what very few would even attempt!!’

Cape Argus

‘I’ve seen hundreds of men dress up as women over the years, most of them disastrously so, a handful of them get this particular art form right, Ceri Dupree is one of that handful.’

The Times