SilverBlue Entertainment have teamed up with the Birmingham Stage Company and are delighted to offer up some of their most popular shows, Including the longest ever running children’s show in London’s West End..Barmy Britain.

Barmy Britain and Terrible Tudors have played to packed houses the world over. The Terry Deary penned Horrible Histories series of books they are adapted from have sold over 25million copies worldwide and have been translated into 40 different languages.

Both shows will be available exclusively through SilverBlue Entertainment in 2016 with more titles becoming available in 2017 and 2018.

The Show


We all want to meet people from history. The trouble is everyone is dead!

So it’s time to prepare yourselves for Horrible Histories live on stage with a brand new show BARMY BRITAIN with all new amazing 3D effects!

Can you beat battling Boudicca? What if a Viking moved in next door? Would you lose your heart or head to horrible Henry VIII? Can evil Elizabeth entertain England? Will Parliament survive gunpowder Guy? Should King Charles keep his head? Dare you stand and deliver to dastardly Dick Turpin? Move to the groove with party Queen Victoria and prepare to do battle in the frightful First World War!

It’s the horrible history of Britain with the nasty bits left in!


“These actors should be in every school history class across the land. Or, given how little most of us know about history, maybe that should be every living room.” The Scotsman

“What a show! Racing through various kings and queens, invasions, with executions, diseases and affairs of the night thrown in, Terry Deary’s books have translated brilliantly to the stage.” West End Extra

“Breathlessly orchestrated ‘edutainment’ packaged as madcap tomfoolery and rumbustious songs, not least for parents who will probably wish learning could have been this much fun for them.” Metro